Star Wars Resistance recap: This should end the Colossus’ supply woes


The crew of the Colossus looks for some easy credits at a local casino. Instead they nearly lose the Aces in the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Nine episodes into the second season of Star Wars Resistance and  a majority of the episodes have focused on the Colossus and its lack of supplies, which led to many of the episodes showing the crew on different supply runs.

While this allowed us to visit new planets and learn more about some of the side characters, it was getting a little tedious as there is whole galaxy on the brink of an all-out war. Plus, smaller disputes with current and former members of the Colossus that we want to know more about (Where is Tam?).

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Star Wars Resistance Season 2, Episode 9 ‘The Vortex Voxx 5000’ seems to have put an end to those lack of supply issues.

While the Colossus was low on money, which meant it was difficult to get the things they needed, Hype had a the brillaint idea to go to a casino to win money in races. Look, we’ve all seen these types of movie and it never works.

Hype introduced Doza and Yeager to Vranki the Blue, a Hutt who owned the establishment. He seemed to live in the grey area of life. He’s not as ruthless as Jabba the Hutt, but he has a few tricks up his sleeves and doesn’t love following the rules — even his own.

Having said that, Vranki managed to trick Hype and most of the others Aces into becoming full-time racers for him to grow his casino again.

While it used to be a rocking spot, the war has taken all of Vranki’s customers. Either they aren’t much in the mood for gambling or their busy taking care of war business. It’s probably a little bit of both.

Kaz managed to win the biggest race that mattered, which freed his friends but also netted them enough credits that the crew of the Colossus won’t have to worry for a little while.

This means we get back to telling the stories that fans really want to see, which puts the First Order and Colossus at odds with one another once again.

It was a fine episode and the most telling part was how the galaxy was being affected by the First Order. In The Last Jedi, the casino at Canto Bight was still heavy on the action, but it seems not many people have a taste for gambling right now.

It’s time to get more serious on Star Wars Resistance.

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