Star Wars: John Boyega disappointed trio didn’t get more time together

Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca, Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley is Rey and John Boyega is Finn in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER
Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca, Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley is Rey and John Boyega is Finn in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER /

John Boyega expressed disappointment in the main trio not getting more time together during Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He’s not wrong.

During the press tour for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker John Boyega was asked about The Last Jedi. In an interview, he mentioned how he was disappointed that the trio of Finn, Rey and Poe didn’t have more – or any – time together in the last movie.

It’s an interesting observation, one he compared to the original trilogy.

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Here’s what Boyega told Hypebeast:

"“The Force Awakens I think was the beginning of something quite solid. The Last Jedi if I am being honest I’d say that was feeling a bit iffy for me,” Boyega says. “I didn’t necessarily agree with a lot of the choices in that and that’s something that I spoke to Mark (Hamill) a lot about and we had conversations about it. And it was hard for all of us, because we were separated.”“I guess the original Star Wars films there was much more of a trio feel where it was essentially about Luke’s journey, but Han and Leia there was strong dynamic, which I think, I don’t know how quickly we’re going to be able to establish that longterm dynamic with (Episode Nine). But if it’s exploring that dynamic, then that would be cool,” he notes. “I do feel even after three films still, we don’t know them as much as we got to know Han, Luke, Leia. And maybe that’s a great opportunity to get to know them a little bit more.”"

Boyega’s feelings are valid – after all, he is playing one of the characters in question. Looking at it from his perspective, I can see where some of the disappointment comes from.

Finn was the connecting force between the characters. He is the one who met Rey and Poe, bringing them into the world in a way. However, he met them at different moments and Rey and Poe never met each other until the end of The Last Jedi, the second movie of the sequel trilogy.

While we compare it to the original trilogy, Luke, Leia and Han spent a lot of time apart in The Empire Strikes Back as well, but it was different.

In the original trilogy, the trio all meet and created their baseline relationships in the first movie. There are different dynamics at play, but they are there.

When ESB starts, a time jump has occurred, but there is the implication they have spent that time in between A New Hope and ESB developing their relationships. We don’t know what has happened off screen, but we can certainly imagine in and fill in a lot of the blanks with our own head canon.

We don’t get that in the sequel trilogy. The Last Jedi picks up right after The Force Awakens. We don’t have any time in between so Rey is off looking for Luke while Finn is just coming out of his coma and Poe is making awful decisions that gest a lot of people killed.

It’s not great.

They aren’t reunited until nearly the end of the film and by then we have a weird line about Poe introducing himself to Rey. We really went through two entire movies without them meeting.

We are supposed to get more of the three of them together in the final movie, but perhaps Boyega didn’t want to play catch up.

His concerns are valid and I definitely see where he is coming from.

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The Rise of Skywalker premieres December 20 worldwide.