The Mandalorian: 5 highlights from Chapter 6 ‘The Prisoner’

Chapter 6. The Child and the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 6. The Child and the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

The Mandalorian Chapter 6 is yet another fresh spin on Star Wars. Here are five highlights from an incredibly entertaining episode.

The Mandalorian Chapter 6 explores how a job with a crew full of scoundrels can go sideways. Mando finds himself taking another sketchy gig in order to secure some credits, and his premonitions about the task being off are right as his old partners turn on him midway through the mission.

The entire episode is a highlight of the series and will likely be an episode viewers look back on when season one wraps up (Chapter 3 stands out as another). Here are some of the best moments from Chapter 6:

1. Mando vs. the droids

The bounty hunter really doesn’t like droids. This has often been a remark repeated over the course of Season 1, but we actually saw it in action during Chapter 6.

Mando uses his gadgets, reflexes and cunning to take out a gang of guard droids; all that’s left is battered shells. This moment shows Mando dispatching enemies in a variety of ways, from cutting their legs out from underneath them, to pulling their heads off their bodies to leveraging position for a clean headshot. It’s only a brief showcase in a larger episode, but this sequence stands out for the impressive combat skills on display.

2. Mando breaks out

Tension builds in the middle of the episode as the bounty hunter’s former crew turns on him, leaving him seemingly trapped in a prison cell. This happens at about the same time Zero the droid discovers Baby Yoda on the ship, leaving viewers wondering how Mando will escape before his old crew takes his ship and child.

But the bounty hunter hasn’t gotten this far without a little improvising. Instead of accepting defeat, he lures a droid close enough to his cell, rips its arm off, and uses its key to open the door.

3. The bounty hunter gets his revenge

Chapter 6 hits another level when the Mando breaks out and starts to pick off his prey one by one. He shuts doors and forces them to split up. He surprises them even if they can’t see him. This is all accentuated by the eery, flashing red lights featured in this scene — it was horror-esque in the way the Mando hunted and the fear his targets showed, something we really don’t see in Star Wars.

4. Baby Yoda plays hide-and-seek

Baby Yoda, usually paired with Mando for adventures, is instead split up from him for this episode. This leaves Baby Yoda to get into his own mischief, breaking out of his holding area to find Zero the droid piloting the Razor Crest. Baby Yoda, who’s often very friendly, senses something is off, disappearing before Zero can react.

This leads the droid to search diligently throughout the ship, but Baby Yoda is able to avoid detection until the very end. As the droid raises its blaster to the child, Mando comes in at the last moment to keep Baby Yoda out of harm’s way once again.

The chase between Zero and Baby Yoda adds to the tension in the episode as it’s juxtaposed with the bounty hunter making his way through the traitorous crew to make it back to the ship.

5. Mando gets the last laugh

As the bounty hunter collects his reward and heads out, Ran orders his crew to kill him. It doesn’t look good. Mando’s ship is turned away, making him a ripe target for a backstabbing.

But, a New Republic tracking device that the crew ran into on the prison ship starts to beep, directing New Republic forces to the crew that just tried to turn on Mando, and they take out their base.

This episode proved to have several memorable moments from the main character, basically all of which came without Baby Yoda. It was enjoyable to see the Mandalorian work with a small team, then as a lone wolf when that team turned on him.

The bounty hunter proved to be two steps ahead of his foes once again, saving him from yet another close call.

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Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.