Star Wars: 10 characters to look forward to seeing in Obi-Wan series

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9. Biggs Darklighter

Poor Biggs. Luke’s best friend as a kid, Biggs Darklighter gets promised all kinds of stories from Luke before getting killed in the Battle for Yavin IV. While it has since been revealed that he had a much bigger role in other versions of Star Wars: A New Hope, in the end, the most we see out of Biggs is from non-canonical stories and the graphic novels.

But given the context of the Obi-Wan series, it makes sense that we would see Biggs. Drawing parallels to The Phantom Menace, we saw a lot of Anakin’s childhood friends, even if they were fairly nondescript.

Biggs could be a big character. He runs off to join the Rebellion before Luke does. Is he already harboring these notions by this point in the Star Wars timeline? Probably. Maybe he even spends time with old man Kenobi, who knows.

Whatever the case, we may finally get some insight into the character that never was.