Star Wars: 10 characters to look forward to seeing in Obi-Wan series

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8. Senator Bail Organa

One of the more underrated recurring characters in the Star Wars Skywalker saga. Senator Bail Organa had a big part to play in the birth of the Rebellion, in the preservation of the Jedi, and thus the fate of the galaxy. He was the one who helped Yoda get away from Coruscant, he was the one that took in Princess Leia, he did so much for the betterment of society and yet, for being a recurring character, we don’t know much about him beyond his goodwill.

While he probably wouldn’t play a huge role in the series, it was just him, Yoda and Obi-Wan that directly witnessed and persevered through Palpatine’s takeover, so it is them three that will have the most to say about what to do to get the galaxy pointed back in the right direction.

If nothing else, you have to imagine that they would be in communication fairly often. It might not make a ton of sense for Organa to be making house calls on Tatooine, because that would be rather noticeable, but you never know.

It may also mean that we see a little bit of young Leia too, if the story breaks from Obi-Wan at any point to show what else is happening in the galaxy. So a little bonus character there. She won’t be coming to Tatooine either, because that would be foolish, but we can see her elsewhere, surely.