Star Wars: 10 characters to look forward to seeing in Obi-Wan series

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Star Wars
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4. Luke Skywalker

We’ve seen nearly every version of Luke Skywalker throughout his time in the Star Wars universe. We’ve seen teenage Luke, struggling with life as a burgeoning adult. He wants to be something bigger, but doesn’t know how, or if he even could.

We’ve seen hero Luke, destroying the Death Star with the force.

We’ve seen Rebel General Luke, confidently going into Jabba’s palace to work a ploy, or leading the speeder attack on Hoth, or playing a prominent role in the establishment of the New Republic.

We’ve seen Jedi Knight Luke, still learning and frustrated. Giving into his anger as Palpatine requested, but not fully.

We’ve seen Jedi Master Luke, isolated and regretful. We’ve seen Uncle Luke, and Force Ghost Luke, and Master-in-Combat Luke on Crait.

We’ve seen so many Luke Skywalker’s. We’ve even seen infant Luke, in Revenge of the Sith. But we’ve never seen kid Luke. The early years of the most important character in the Skywalker saga. And the Obi-Wan series will be our first chance to see that. Yes and please.