Star Wars: 10 characters to look forward to seeing in Obi-Wan series

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3. Owen Lars

Owen Lars has the potential to be a really great, complex character. Here’s a guy who was given a child that wasn’t his, to raise with his wife under the distant protection of a crazy man, AKA Jedi. We don’t see much of him in the saga, but when we do, we see him as a hard-nosed fatherly figure. Something we can all relate to.

But you have to consider what he’s been asked to do. He knows the stakes. He’s like Uncle Vernon to Luke’s Harry Potter, albeit with more of an open mind, which makes for the opportunity for fantastic character building.

There was a lot of friction between Obi-Wan and Owen Lars. Owen wanted Luke completely removed from the Jedi spectrum, to keep him safe, but he understood what that meant, even if he denied himself the freedom to explore what that then mean to him and the galaxy.

That tension between Luke’s two protectors will likely play a key element in the story and rightfully so. Which makes the casting and execution of Owen Lars’ character such an exciting aspect to think about.