Star Wars: 10 reasons a Doctor Aphra TV series must happen

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1. Doctor Aphra herself

Yeah, I did the same thing with my list about the Obi-Wan series, but for Doctor Aphra, it’s even more important to swoon over her character as a promotion of the series itself.

There’s a reason why Aphra got her own comic book series so soon after appearing in the Darth Vader series. It’s because Marvel had created a genuinely awesome character with the kind of depth we haven’t seen in a primary character before.

What makes Aphra so appealing is her completely middle-of-the-road morality. The murderous Trip thinks she’s too good, but the saintly Leia thinks she’s too evil. Just when you think Aphra may lean one way or the other, she flips the script and goes back in the opposite direction.

This leads to internal conflict over her own morality that is even more compelling that that of Ben Solo’s because with Ben, you see him go full evil, then full good. Aphra doesn’t have that. Aphra is like an FM wave of fluctuating morality and it keeps the reader (and hopefully the viewer, eventually) on their toes every single minute she is on the page (screen).

And this ties everything together, beyond just her morality. She would be the first openly gay character. She is a scoundrel not unlike Han Solo. She has questionable friends that bring out her personality more. She is dynamic. That’s what you want.

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What do you think, Aphra fans (or dissenters)? Do you want this series to be made?