Star Wars: 10 reasons a Doctor Aphra TV series must happen

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9. Darth Vader

Doctor Aphra got her start in the Darth Vader comic book series, as she starts working for the dark lord of the Sith, but the clear contrast of their characters, combined with their odd similarities, made her stand out as someone in need of her own story.

That said, Vader is a huge draw to having an Aphra series, because Vader would likely play a prominent role at a time when we don’t see a lot of him.

I made the point not long ago that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gave us that same thing—a Vader we’ve never seen before. Peak Vader, if you will. He was a beacon of power, completely unstoppable.

There is a big difference between seeing that Vader on the page and seeing that Vader on the screen. And we still haven’t really seen that Vader on the screen. But a Doctor Aphra series would give us that Vader at a time when he’s full of rage and vengeance. Yes please.

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