6 Things we want to see in the upcoming Obi-Wan series

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Star Wars
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1. Clone Wars Flashbacks

To have an Obi-Wan series, you need to at least mention the Clone Wars period and Kenobi’s time as a Jedi. While we don’t know what the story will be, we’d like to see moments from the ex-Jedi’s past as a Jedi, including his time during the Clone Wars.

There’s so many plot points they could cover. Obi-Wan had a load of non-Force Sensitive enemies before and during the war. Perhaps, one of them learns he’s hiding out on Tatooine and decides to hunt him. If there are flashbacks, we could see Anakin and perhaps live-action versions of Ahsoka and Satine.

Perhaps there’s even references to Luke and Leia’s births as it’s been rumored the Skywalker twins will appear as kids as a casting call has been issued.

If there are flashbacks, we’d prefer if they used them sparingly because too many would just be recapping his past rather than propel his story forward. It would be nice if some of his past failures during this time in his life was address to some degree. By talking about these moments from his past, it may put his mind at ease and give him a new perspective on everything that happened.