6 Things we want to see in the upcoming Obi-Wan series

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5. Slicing Off A Few Arms And Maybe A Few Other Limbs Too

In the original trilogy, Obi-Wan was known for one thing: slicing off some poor creature’s arm. He later did this to General Grievous and to Anakin when he cut off not just his remaining organic arm, but his legs too.

We wish we knew more about this Obi-Wan series and whether he’ll use his lightsaber. Given the timeframe of when the show is meant to take place, he might have given up using his lightsaber after everything that has happened.

It would really be a highlight to see Obi-Wan slice off at least one poor sap’s arm. It would show him as a guy who should not be messed with. It might make bounty hunters and other scum think twice before entangling with him in any way. It would be fun to watch for one and it would be awesome if someone underestimated him so he could show that a few missing limbs is what happens when you cross an ex-Jedi.

Maybe Obi-Wan comes into contact with someone who found the remains of Grievous on Utapau and decided it would be fun to mess with him. Perhaps news of Obi-Wan’s reputation for chopping off arms and legs will have spread to every corner of Tatooine. It would make sense if criminals want to debunk the rumour but end up with a missing arm or leg.