Move over Baby Yoda, Baby Jabba is the latest Star Wars character to melt our hearts

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Baby Yoda is possibly the cutest thing to come from the Star Wars universe, but 3D animator Leonardo Viti has given us Baby Jabba, and now we don’t know

Ever since The Mandalorian debuted, the Child – known more commonly as Baby Yoda – brought the world to its knees thanks to his overwhelming cuteness. However, another Star Wars character has entered the battle to win our hearts, and it’s an unlikely one.

When Din Djarin roamed the Outer Rim with the Child, fans all over the world fell in love with the little green alien baby. The Mandalorian was a wonderful show on its own merit, but the star was Baby Yoda — the force sensitive creature that’s likely to be from the same species as the famous Jedi Master.

With hundreds of gifs of Baby Yoda scattered across social media, those who hadn’t even watched The Mandalorian couldn’t get enough. He became a worldwide phenomenon, but it looks as though there’s a new baby in town, and he isn’t someone you’d typically associate with being cute. In fact, Jabba the Hutt is a large slimey alien that makes your skin crawl, and not only because he looks like a massive slug, but because he’s a devious creep.

Leonardo Viti, a 3D animator from the UK took one of the Star Wars universe’s most loathed villains and turned him into an adorable baby. Baby Jabba was created towards the end of 2019, and it has only been recently since he came to the public’s attention. He may not be the first Hutt we’ve seen as a child, as The Clone Wars featured Jabba’s child, Rotta the Huttlet on the show. Viti’s version is much cuter, though, and we can’t get enough.

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What do you think? Is Baby Jabba cuter than Baby Yoda, or will the Child be your favorite regardless of whoever tries to take his crown? Let us know in the comments.