5 Characters from the sequels who could be in The Clone Wars Season 7

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Palpatine’s Son

This is the one that most fans will want to see after watching The Rise of Skywalker. Apparently ol’ Sheev got busy during his time as Supreme Chancellor and had himself a wee little lad. That lad grew up to have his own offspring that became the heir of the Jedi Order, Rey. This whole idea seems far-fetched, so seeing the little tyke running around the chancellor’s chambers in the final season of The Clone Wars, could make the whole situation more believable.

Palpatine would’ve had to have fathered the child before his fight with Mace Windu. No one in their right mind would get busy with his transformed and scarred body. It’s not so much his looks, it the fact that he just fully and wholly embraced his evil at that point, and the only craving he had was for unlimited power, and definitely not sex.

This could be a very brief scene that wouldn’t even need to have any dialogue. There could be a moment when Palpatine is in his chambers and we see a woman and a small child walk offscreen in the background as a Jedi or some other important character enters to talk business. They could get a little more obvious and have Palpatine hand a baby over to a droid or woman as he prepares to talk to someone else.

There wouldn’t need to be mention of a wife or lover or even the kid’s name, but just one shot like this would tie into The Rise of Skywalker and make Rey’s lineage more tangible.