5 Characters from the sequels who could be in The Clone Wars Season 7

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Snoke, the apparent creation of Darth Sidious’ weird experiments, could definitely make an appearance in The Clone Wars’ final season. As we saw in The Rise of Skywalker, the Snoke who was cut in half by Kylo Ren wasn’t the only one. There was a tank containing another Snoke body, and there’s no reason to believe that was the only one. There’s also no reason to believe that the one that was destroyed by Kylo Ren was the first one. Darth Sidious surely tested out more than one of these lab-created wielders of the Dark Side, so maybe an early test version makes an appearance in Season 7 of The Clone Wars.

Surely Sidious was experimenting with these Snoke monstrosities while he was rising to power within the Republic. He could’ve easily let the first one go out on its own, as he monitored how it would function in the galaxy and if it would truly be an asset of the Dark Side.

The creators of the show could make a separate side episode based on this where maybe Snoke is used to hunt down a Jedi who is trying to escape Order 66. It would be fun to see him attempt to destroy the Jedi and either succeed or get destroyed himself. It would be a further fun twist to have Ahsoka Tano be a part of this battle perhaps saving the Jedi from his would-be assassin, and killing the Snoke prototype.

Of the cameos from the Sequel Trilogy that could appear in The Clone Wars, this is probably the least likely. It would, however, be possible and would be a cool thing to see, and would give us all a little more background of how Snoke came into being, and how long it took for Palpatine to master this puppet of his.

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What other characters from the Sequel Trilogy do you think could appear in The Clone Wars’ final season? The Clone Wars will stream on Disney+.