The Clone Wars Season 7: Did Darth Maul know about Order 66?

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How much did Maul know about the Clone Wars? Was he aware of what it would lead to, and what that specifically meant for the clones themselves in Star Wars?

We know from Star Wars:The Clone Wars Season 4 dialogue and Dave Filoni’s word that Darth Maul was fully aware of Sidious’s machinations to overthrow the Jedi Order. But did he know of the endgame that it would lead to Order 66?

As of yet, we don’t have a definitive answer, but all signs point to that while he may not know everything, he certainly knows something’s up.

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Let’s take a look at his first words in the recent trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7:

"So, the galaxy will be remade, the Jedi and Republic will die."

He clearly knows something’s up, and he’s known for a very long time. He obviously knows the broad strokes of Palpatine’s plan; does he know that clones are embedded with a chip that would make them turn against the Jedi? Probably not, but it’s possible.

A noteworthy moment from the trailer features Maul using the force to torture Jesse, a member of the 501st Legion, Anakin Skywalker’s legion of clones. Could Maul be probing his mind for information? Could this be the point where he learns of Order 66? Star Wars Explained suggested in his trailer analysis Darth Maul may, in fact, be trying to activate Jesse’s clone chip.

Darth Maul’s extensive monologuing in the trailer does, in fact, suggest that he is in the know. He speaks of how everything is “part of the plan,” and how “every choice made has led to this” (the trailer indicates that he speaking of his showdown with Ahsoka, but it’s entirely plausible that he is referring to the sacking of Coruscant).

We know that Darth Maul was familiar with the Clone Wars before it began thanks to this exchange between Sam Witwer (the voice of Darth Maul) and Dave Filoni (supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars) in a behind the scenes featurette:

"Sam: [Dave and I] talked about the fact that Maul is entering into this world that he was fully expecting to be a part of; this whole Clone Wars thing? He was supposed to be front and center.Dave: He knows that his master was going to cause a galactic conflict, so he gets it when Savage says “the Clone Wars.” There’s conflict. That’s what it is."

So, with everything mentioned above, what are your thoughts on the matter? What do you think Darth Maul really knows about Order 66, and do you think he will exploit the ending of the war in order to stay in power? Make sure to comment below if you would like for me to see your thoughts on this matter.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 is set for release on February 21st.