The 6 best original characters from The Clone Wars

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Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Final Season – Key Art.. Image Courtesy Disney+

The release of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is just days away. Here are the six best original characters to come out of the show.

The Clone Wars was a remarkable show for many reasons. The first and foremost was that it gave the characters of the Prequel Trilogy much-needed depth and fleshed out their backstories. It also showed us the fabled Clone Wars. It took us across the galaxy and into various planets, showing not just great ground and space battles, but how these wars affected those who lived there. It also put a face on the clones and gave them each an individual personality.

The most impressive thing it did was make Anakin Skywalker a likable character. He got a Padawan learner and that helped him drop many of his whiny traits that were so prevalent in Attack of the Clones.

The show also introduced us to a slew of new characters. From new human allies and enemies to unique looking aliens and creatures, The Clone Wars is chock full of new additions to the world of Star Wars. In anticipation of the debut of the final season, we will rank the six best new characters that were introduced in The Clone Wars tv show.

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