Star Wars: The good and bad under Bob Iger

Photo by Kent Phillips/Disney Parks via Getty Images
Photo by Kent Phillips/Disney Parks via Getty Images /
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Star Wars
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With Bob Iger stepping down as Disney CEO, we reflect on the good and bad it brought Star Wars.

Bob Iger had been the Disney CEO for 15 years. The company has continued to grow under his watch and brought in a number of new businesses and licenses including Pixar and Marvel.

He also brought Star Wars under the Disney umbrella.

In 2012, Disney acquired Lucasfilm for more than $4 billion. Now with Iger is stepping down as the company’s CEO, here’s a look at the good and the bad that the acquisition meant for Star Wars fans.

The Good

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There hadn’t been a Star Wars movie since Revenge of the Sith in 2005. The prequel trilogy wasn’t well received at the time, but don’t tell that to the kids who grew up on those movies.

The first movie under the Disney logo was The Force Awakens. It was everything Star Wars fans hoped it would be, making a new generation fall in love with the franchise and sparking the love for longtime fans all over again.

It’s fourth-highest grossing film of all time bringing in over $2 billion.

This movie and more gave us new characters to love and also let us hang out with some old favorites.


Beyond the Star Wars movies on Disney+, fans already love the streaming service. First, there are  the old movies from Disney’s vault, including all of the Star Wars films. Yet, it also has new original content.

The first Star Wars original on Disney+ was The Mandalorian, and it was awesome.

Baby Yoda took the entertainment world by storm and the show proved to be just what fans needed at the time.

More books and comics

Even when there is nothing to “watch” there has been new Star Wars content coming out on a seemingly weekly basis. New comics and novels have given us new characters, dug deeper into backstories or showed us what we didn’t see on screen.

There is so much Star Wars right now and with The High Republic era of books on the horizon, it isn’t slowing down any time soon.