Star Wars: The good and bad under Bob Iger

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Star Wars
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The Bad

Not everything has been great for Star Wars under Disney. There is even a faction of the fan base who are adamantly opposed to anything done since 2012.

And while we listed good things about Star Wars since Disney’s acquisition, it’s only fair to also talk about the bad.

Too many movies

While bringing Star Wars back to the big screen was magical, there is such a thing as too much. We saw that with this franchise as Disney release one too many movies in such a short amount of time.

Rogue One was great as it told a part of the Star Wars story we knew — the Rebels getting the Death Star plans — but added new characters with a sprinkle of familiar ones to tell a story that was hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Then there was Solo. While a fine movie, it came out just six months after The Last Jedi. It told Han Solo’s origin story. The film didn’t have the box office success as any of the previous Star Wars movies. Disney put out five Star Wars movies in just four years. It was a lot.

Even though Alden Ehrenreich, who played Han Solo, apparently has a three-movie deal with Lucasfilm, it doesn’t seem as the other movies are going to get made.

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Canceling The Clone Wars

While The Clone Wars was finally saved, one of the things Disney did when it took over was end the popular animated series.

Fans were upset, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

Seven years later, The Clone Wars is back for one final season, which is great. But it shouldn’t have ended the series prematurely in the first place.


Another thing Disney did upon taking over, it relegated every book and comic up to that point as “legend” and said none of it was canon. The only thing that would be considered canon was what we had seen on screen.

All the stories about the old Jedi, what happened to Han, Luke, Leia after Episode VI, all the new characters like Thrawn — it was all as if it never happened.

Slowly, Disney is bringing some of it back. We have Thrawn again, but no Mara Jade. We have characters similar to Leia and Han’s children, but instead got Kylo Ren.

There were some truly amazing novels that essentially got wiped away as though they weren’t part of the larger Star Wars story. It is disappointing.

While Disney is trying to fill that void with bringing new books and comics, it’s not the same.

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What have been your favorite and least favorite things about Star Wars since Disney took over?