15 greatest Baby Yoda moments from The Mandalorian season 1

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Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian.. Courtesy Disney+

The fans have spoken and Baby Yoda is definitely a character favorite from The Mandalorian season 1, so we put together our list of greatest Baby Yoda moments, both adorable and awesome.

With those big brown eyes, large fuzzy ears and a heart of pure gold, The Child in The Mandalorian — affectionately referred to by fans as “Baby Yoda” — arguably the most adorable character ever to grace the Star Wars universe. There have been hundreds of memes surrounding the little creature and even holiday plush toys made in his honor. So we decided to pay our own tribute by making a list of the 15 greatest Baby Yoda moments from The Mandalorian season 1.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

To give a little background for those who may not be familiar with the phenomenon that is Baby Yoda, this tiny green alien is the source of many events that take place in The Mandalorian. Bounty hunter Dyn Jarren, known throughout most of the show’s season as “The Mandalorian” or “Mando,” is hired by a wealthy client to retrieve a mysterious, 50-year-old life form from the desert planet Arvala-7. When Mando arrives, he discovers he’s not the only one who’s been hired for the job. A killer droid has been sent to terminate the life form and bring its body back for research.

When Mando, who has briefly teamed up with the droid to split the reward, discovers the life form to be an alien infant, who looks an awful lot like Jedi Master Yoda, Mando kills the hired droid on the spot and takes “Baby Yoda” back to the client. Eventually, unable to live with the guilt of leaving the child with Imperial stormtroopers and a scientist with experimentation on the mind, Mando steals the child back and acts as the little one’s guardian.

While Baby Yoda starts out as simply an adorable passenger on Mando’s journeys, The Child begins to show his true, force-wielding colors as the episodes go on. Baby Yoda saves Mando on multiple occasions from Mud Horn monsters and flaming weapons and even shows a knack for trickery with enemies. Though still very much a baby, with some of the most tearfully sweet moments every seen in Star Wars, Baby Yoda is as much adorable as he is totally awesome. The moments on our list of 15 greatest Baby Yoda moments are a mix of both.

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