Star Wars: Ranking the top 5 lightsaber duels

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Star Wars; Kylo Ren
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4. Rey and Kylo Ren vs The Royal Guards – The Last Jedi

While the sequel trilogy is a controversial topic among die-hard Star Wars fans, most are in agreement that one of the highlights of the new trilogy is the throne room scene in the second act of Episode VIII.

Prior to the battle, Rey has been brought before Supreme Leader Snoke, and he baits his apprentice, Kylo Ren, to execute her and further his path down the darkside. Ren opts to betray and kill his master instead, and unites with Rey to take on his Royal Guards.

It has since been revealed that Snoke was a puppet of Emperor Palpatine and  intended for Ren to betray him to further his journey to the Dark side, but regardless, the duel that followed was phenomenal.

Enemies in The Force Awakens, after being connected through the force, Rey and Kylo join forces to take down Snoke’s Royal Guards in an exciting battle.

Ren being the more seasoned fighter of the two takes out the most guards, but in the end, it requires both of them aiding each other in battle in order to defeat them all, and ends with Rey throwing Kylo her lightsaber in order to finish off the last guard.

The two still walk separate paths following their team up, and go on to fight on opposite sides of the Battle of Crait, but this duel does show both were capable of working together, foreshadowing their eventual alliance to face the Emperor in the Climax of The Rise of Skywalker.

Despite the mixed reaction received by The Last Jedi, most fans are in agreement that this duel was one of the most promising points of the entire movie, and despite how the movie on the whole is received by some, this duel is still well worth checking out.