Star Wars: Ranking the top 5 lightsaber duels

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3. Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader II – Return of the Jedi

If their first fight on Cloud City was the template of lightsaber duels, then their sequel on the Death Star II was a definite build onto it.

When they first came face to face in a duel, Luke was very green and outmatched by his father, who had been a dangerous fighter for the better part of 30 years at that point.

However, in their second meeting, Luke was baited into a second fight against his father by the Emperor, and showed off his vast improvements in his time training since. Luke got the upper hand on his father at several points, but refused to allow himself to be tempted by the dark side against the Emperor’s best attempts.

As the Battle of Endor raged on outside the Death Star II, Luke managed to take down his father, cutting off his right hand same as he did to him in the previous movie, but refused to kill him, although the Emperor was daring him to.

Luke refused and the Emperor attacked him with force lightning, nearly killing him until Vader intervened and killed his master, saving his son and returning to the light side of the force.

The fight itself is entertaining but the story behind it makes it all the better. It’s the culmination of the entire original trilogy, and gave what is one of the most beloved trilogies of all time a terrific and satisfying ending.