Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 7 review: Familiar voices

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 706 “Deal No Deal” .. Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 706 “Deal No Deal” .. Image Courtesy Disney+ /

If you’ve been wondering how this arc fits into the Seige of Mandalore, this week’s episode of  Star Wars: The Clone Wars might answer some of your questions.

The Pykes still hold our heroes captive, and it’s going to take a lot of luck — and maybe some manipulation of the Force — to get them out on the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Trouble follows even after Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa attempt to escape. Even as they’re running for their lives — only to be captured soon thereafter with little hope of a second escape — they don’t notice who might be watching them from afar.

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So far, this arc has proven underwhelming for many fans. Probably because a lot of people were expecting more interactions between Ahsoka, Anakin, and Rex earlier on in the season. Ahsoka’s character development in this season is a lot more subtle than we’re used to, so it’s understandable that some are feeling disappointed.

Let’s not forget that there’s always payoff whenever Dave Filoni has his hands on a project. It sometimes takes a while to get there, but we always get there. We’re seeing some hints of what’s to come now that Ahsoka is off Coruscant and out in the universe. More on that in a minute.

We pretty much figured at this point that Ahsoka was going to have to use the Force to keep Trace and Rafa out of harm’s way at least once in this episode. She uses it to save all three of them on numerous occasions, still managing to keep it a secret.

It’s interesting, though, that despite using it to get them out of their prison cell once, they end up back inside it by the end. Maybe a Jedi’s abilities aren’t as much of a get-out-of-jail-free card as Ahsoka has always been taught …

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The fact that the protagonists don’t just break out and fly off the planet without consequences is a refreshing twist on past storylines we’ve seen in this show. While we’re all happy to have the Clone Wars we know and love, it’s nice to see them trying new things and keeping things interesting.

Even though Ahsoka and company ended up right back where they started, we’re now left to wonder how they’re actually going to get themselves out of the mess they’re in instead of just settling for an easy escape. There are different ways to build suspense from episode to episode, and if those two very important character (re)introductions are any indication, this whole arc is building up to something unforgettable.

Did you recognize any of the hooded figures watching Ahsoka? If you didn’t, their voices may have sounded a little familiar.

At some point before this series ends, we’re going to return to Mandalore. There’s a rebellion building against Maul — and who’s in charge of leading that rebellion? None other than Bo-Katan, who is now officially BACK!

And that’s not all. Star Wars Rebels fans may have recognized the voice of one of the women standing next to Bo-Katan: Ursa Wren. Yep — mother of Sabine! We’ll likely see her again soon, as Bo-Katan is going to play an even bigger role in the episodes that follow this one.

The sisters’ story about losing their parents was meant to prove to Ahsoka yet again the dangers of conflict and hubris. She may not have gotten very far physically this episode. But we know she’s eventually going to end up back on the battlefield. How will she approach the war now, knowing what she knows and having seen things from a different perspective?

That’s what we’re going to see soon. Contrary to growing opinion, these aren’t filler episodes. The things Ahsoka is seeing and experiencing now are going to change everything.

Not being able to predict exactly how is a good sign. It keeps us guessing … and keeps us coming back for more.

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Did you recognize Bo-Katan on that rooftop? Do you think she’ll be responsible for freeing Ahsoka from the Pykes?