The most iconic Star Wars pet costumes

The best Star Wars-themed costumes for your dogs, cats and other pets for Halloween or any other occasion to make you smile.

Even though it may not be Halloween just yet, while in isolation you can still dress up your dog, cat or exotic pet in a Star Wars costume to bring a galaxy far far away to your home. Take a look at some of our favorite furry pups and felines dressed as their favorite characters.

You may be wondering how much these elaborate costumes may cost or where to get them, we’ve got you covered with where you can purchase the costumes, what sizes they come in and the prices.

If you’re looking for an occasion to dress up your pet, look no further than Halloween pet events, pet walks, and even some Star Wars events that allow pets and have costume contests.

Since some pets don’t enjoy being in a full costume, there’s options of headpieces and shirts to make your pet equally stylish. If all else fails, you can always throw a towel over their head to grab a quick photo and pretend it’s a jedi robe.

Read below for all of the information about the costume types, sizes, stores and prices.

Porg Costume– S-XL – $17.70

Stormtrooper– Medium and Large- $19.99

Han Solo– Small and Medium- $19.99

Ewok– Small- $11.99

Star Wars Jedi Robe – S-XL- Various Prices

Bantha– One Size- $29.61

X-Wing Pilot– S-XL- Various Prices

Darth Vader– S-L- $15.99

Dewback With Stormtrooper Riding On Dog’s Back– One Size- $37.99

Yoda Hat– One Size- $4.00

Yoda (Full Costume)– S-XL- Various Prices

Chewbacca– One Size- $8

AT-AT– S-XL- Various Prices

Wampa– S-XL- Various Prices

R2D2– Small and Medium- $19.99

Princess Leia– S-L- $17.39

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Have you dressed your pet up in Star Wars costumes? Let us know how you have dressed up your pet and leave a link so we can take a look!