The Clone Wars: Three things to look for in The Siege of Mandalore


We are in the home stretch in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. What should we look for in the final three episodes?

The highly anticipated Siege of Mandalore has finally begun in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Episode 9, “Old Friends Not Forgotten” didn’t disappoint as we saw Ahsoka lead the 332nd Company in The Siege of Mandalore alongside Bo Katan and a Mandalorian Resistance. The episode was full of brilliant action sequences, emotional reunions, and a new clone trooper paint job. Here are three subplots to look for as we arrive at the Clone Wars devastating conclusion.

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Sequences From Revenge of the Sith

The Siege of Mandalore happens simultaneously with the events Revenge of the Sith and we see the very moments Anakin and Obi-Wan learn of the Separatist assault on Coruscant.

In previous Clone Wars Season 9 trailers, an animated  Mace Windu discusses “sensing a plot to destroy the Jedi,” a famous line from Episode III.  We will undoubtedly see a few sequences from the film in the coming episodes. Perhaps we get a glimpse of the battle of Coruscant.

However, it’s hard to believe the final three episodes will spend too much time on ROTS, as the final season of Clone Wars wants to, and rightfully so, focus on Ahsoka. Still, it will be exciting to see animated versions of ROTS events happen in real-time with the Siege of Mandalore.

Order 66

We know it’s coming and if you watch the initial trailers, you might even be able to pinpoint the moment Ahsoka senses it. There is no uncertainty with Ahsoka’s fate, as we know she and Rex have significant roles in Rebels.

But there are still plenty of questions to answer. When and how does Rex remove his inhibitor chip? How do Ahsoka and Rex escape off-world to their own self imposed exile?

Since these final episodes run parallel to the events of Revenge of the Sith, there’s a chance that we might even see Order 66 return on the screen to put viewers through another emotional hurricane. With a previous emphasis on loyalty already established in Episode 9, the 332nd Company’s eventual betrayal of Ahsoka will be especially tough to watch.

Bo-Katan and Mandalore’s Fate

Mandalore can’t catch a break. The planet has bounced from Death Watch’s insurrection to Maul and the Shadow Collectives control to eventually something known as The Great Purge. Maul’s eventual removal from Mandalore will be the first phase of the Galactic Empire control and Order 66 will affirm a new era in the galaxy.

Bo-Katan has transitioned from villain to ally through the course of Clone Wars and Rebels, eventually possessing the Dark Saber to unite Mandalore. While the conclusion of the initial season of The Mandalorian has made her ultimate fate uncertain, there is a huge span of time between the span of the Siege of Mandalore and her appearance in Rebels.

The clones will serve the empire by the end of this arc, and it seems likely Bo-Katan will once again have to fight for Mandalore’s freedom before Clone Wars’ conclusion.

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The Siege of Mandalore continues with a new episode of Clone Wars streaming this Friday on DIsney+