How DJ drop artist and voice actor Chris Reid built a life-size BB-8


As a Star Wars fan since childhood, DJ drop artist and voice actor Chris Reid always imagined having a droid of his own. After making some calls, he got to work on making his dream a reality!

You probably have heard his voice at Disney Parks or listened to his live YouTube show Cosmic Reid LIVE, but did you know this Star Wars fan built a life-size BB-8 droid?

I had the opportunity to interview Chris Reid through some emailed questions about this amazing recreation of the famous astromech droid.

Chris Reid, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada works for “third party DJ companies that Disney Parks hire to take care of the parties in their parks.”

Reid has quite the resume including providing the voice during Donald’s Dinobash party located in the Dino-Rama area of Dinoland USA in Animal Kingdom Park.

His love for Star Wars began during his childhood thanks to his mother.

“I remember watching Episodes IV through VI in the theaters when they were re-released in the 90s… I enjoyed the three prequels, but it really was Episode VII that sucked me into the Star Wars universe.”

Reid built an Elemental Nature saber with a blue kyber crystal at Savi’s Workshop when he visited Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland earlier this year. He admits that while he likes droids, Jyn is his favorite Star Wars character.

One of his favorite moments as a Star Wars fan was when he got to meet Paul Blake in 2018.  Blake, who played Greedo in A New Hope, was told that there was a Greedo cosplayer present who happened to be Reid.

“He asked that Greedo accompany him by walking to the panel with him. I couldn’t resist! He came to our booth once I suited up.”

Blake commented that Reid was the tallest Greedo he had ever seen. Reid stands at 6’4″.

The moment of Blake taking Reid’s alien hand as they walked to the panel is immortalized by a photo.  Blake’s signed inside Reid’s mask, “Wow, it’s the inside of my head. Weird. Cool.” -Greedo -Paul Blake”.

What sparked this interview was this incredible photo Chris Reid posted on Instagram:

I had never seen anything quite like it and I had to know the story behind this life-size BB-8!

Reid obtained the cast for the life-size droid from a friend in Saskatchewan.  Meanwhile, another friend 3D printed the head thanks to a print design from Thingiverse.

Once Reid received the parts he began painting using a small BB-8 toy as a reference. After the paint dried a friend sent him a pre-made file with the dimensions for the circular orange decals.

Providing the decals to a car decal store, Reid received six sheets that were then cut and ready for the hardest part of the process.

Reid explained, “My wife and I cut the decals into quarters and painfully slowly and so carefully, we stuck them to the big BB8 dome, trying to iron out the few bubbles that formed.”

Since this BB-8 will remain stationary for photo ops Reid used clay to stick LED lights and batteries he purchased from a model train store inside the droid’s head.

Taking some paint, he added some finishing touches “to give the impression he’s rolled around and has got a bit dirty over the years.”

With a bluetooth speaker inside BB-8’s head connected to his phone, he is ready to journey with Reid to conventions and wow the crowds!

When I asked if we will be seeing another life-size droid build in the future, Reid answered, “Yes, hopefully!”

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He has already made a full-size Gonk droid and would like to make another droid similar to BB-8.

“It would hopefully be like BB-9E. My problem is finding the right decal files.”

If BB-9E doesn’t pan out he would work on another BB-8 in green or blue colors.

At the end of the day, Reid’s favorite part of his job is, “knowing I’m helping to entertain the thousands of Disney Parks guests each and every day, or at every party I’ve helped voice!”

While he has been working in radio broadcasting for over 15 years, “there was something extra special about actually hearing it play in Disney Parks. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish!”

Perhaps one day we will hear Reid’s voice on Batuu, “I’d love to have a voice in Galaxy’s Edge somewhere. Probably the cantina….move over DJ R3X!”

You can follow Chris Reid on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Listen to Cosmic Reid LIVE on YouTube every Monday night at 9PM Eastern. Visit his website for more information including sound clips of his Disney Park voice work at

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Which life-size droid would you build? Leave your answers in the comments section below! I’d love to read them!