Star Wars moments that remind us of the current outbreak


Sometimes real life and fiction are all too similar. There are moments in Star Wars lore that are similar to what is going on in the world today.

With the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 hitting worldwide, one can’t help but think of our life nw as something straight out of a science fiction film, television show or novel.

Specifically one set in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars? How and why could and would there even be a comparison? Well, there are a few examples actually.

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One being straight out of an episode of The Clone Wars television show. In the Blue Shadow virus episode, a mad scientist has set out to unleash a reinvigorated ancient virus . Naturally, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano, attempt to dispatch the villain. A skirmish between republic clone forces and separatist droids ensue. The Jedi fight vigorously against the droids. They are obviously successful. The threat is neutralized.

Yet another example, from the novel Red Harvest, written by Joe Schreiber, a sith alchemist has developed a virus strain capable of turning the living into undead, and unleashed it upon a helpless sith student. The student contaminates others. As you can imagine the results are horrid and grisly, with a lot of bloodshed.

A third example comes by way of the novel Death Troopers, which is also written by Schreiber.  In Death Troopers, a derelict imperial cruiser is discovered and found to be empty by an imperial prison ship travelling thru the area . A real ghost ship, could accurately describe the craft.

A search conducted finds no signs of life. It isn’t long until the search party becomes seriously Ill and quickly begin to die off. Inmates quickly take ill, as do just about everyone else aboard. The dead bodies pile up. Then the dead rise and do what zombies do best. A small group of heroes fight their way through the hordes in an attempt to steal a craft and blast out of the galaxy.

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It is fascinating to see similar scenarios playing out in science fiction, especially in Star Wars.