Clone Wars finale: The return of (SPOILER) was well worth the wait

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 711 “Shattered” - Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 711 “Shattered” - Image Courtesy Disney+ /

Many fans speculated that she would make an appearance, which didn’t happen until the final minute of the entire Star Wars series.

The Star Wars fan community collectively lost its mind when an unexpected seventh and final season of The Clone Wars became a reality. And now that we’ve experienced the final three-story arcs in their entirety, it’s hard to argue that the years we spent with this unfinished story were absolutely worth it.

One of the many things hopeful fans anticipated at some point in the Siege of Mandalore arc in particular was the return of Morai, the mysterious convor we first met in Rebels. Which made her brief but deeply impactful cameo at the very end of the series finale all the more special.

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Technically, if you’re going by the chronological timeline, this is the first time Morai makes a physical appearance associated with Ahsoka. Later on in the timeline, we see Morai ever so conveniently appear whenever Ahsoka might be near.

Morai (many fans call her “the owl” since she loosely resembles one) is a physical representation of The Daughter, one of the gods of Mortis. Because The Daughter transferred her essence to Ahsoka to save her life, it’s assumed Ahsoka and Morai share a special, if not spiritual bond.

The convor’s appearance over Vader’s inspection of the wreckage where Ahsoka is believed to be buried could signify a number of things. There’s even a fan theory that Morai watching over Vader in this scene could mean Ahsoka is revisiting this moment while in the World Between Worlds.

Aside from Filoni deliberately bridging the gap between the two recent animated shows, it’s very likely Morai at the very least signifies Ahsoka’s tendency to narrowly escape death and survive despite the circumstances … or, you know. Not survive once, but come back to life again.

It’s wild to think that a Morai appearance wouldn’t have held the emotional weight it does now if this episode had aired before Rebels began.

Clone Wars was originally canceled in 2013, and Rebels premiered one year later in 2014. Morai first appears near the end of the second season of Rebels, but flies over the wreckage on the unnamed moon sometime shortly after Order 66.

If we’d have watched that scene in 2014 or 2015, we would have just seen a bird checking Vader out, with no context to its significance. Now we know better.

But if you think about it, Star Wars has always benefited from telling stories out of order. Placing Morai in this series’ final moments happened BECAUSE Rebels fans would recognize her. It wasn’t accidental. And seeing her really hit a lot of fans where it hurts.

Is anyone else going to watch “Twilight of the Apprentice” tonight and cry some more?

Right there with you. It’s going to hurt so much more now, knowing what we know.

Thanks a lot Dave.

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Do you think we’ll see Ahsoka again in the future? How do you think her story could continue?