The Star Wars Droid depot app

Photo: Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot in Walt Disney World.. Image by Jennifer Renson-Chiappetta
Photo: Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot in Walt Disney World.. Image by Jennifer Renson-Chiappetta /

The Star Wars Droid Depot app has arrived for the Android and iPhone! Grab your droid and connect by participating in a variety of activities!

I hope you have been taking care of that droid you made at Galaxy’s Edge because Disney has released an app for more Star Wars fun!

The free app is called Droid Depot and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Moments after I read about the announcement of this app on social media I immediately downloaded it!

My husband and I had built an R-Series droid of our own at Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge back in November. It has since continually brought us joy and amusement.

For more details about our experience at the Droid Depot, you can read about it here.

How does the Droid Depot app work? What does it do?

Let’s find out!

Upon opening the app you are welcomed with glorious music that sounds like it’s from a Star Wars film or attraction.

You are greeted with the options of “I Have A Droid!” or “I Don’t Have A Droid”.

I Have A Droid

A scan will begin known as Droid Protocol. It is detecting droids in the vicinity.

In order for your droid to be detected, you will need to turn the droid on. Make sure that the remote control for your droid is turned off.

Once the droid has been detected and connected, your astromech friend will make multiple beeping sounds.

You now have access to the app. By clicking the Profile option at the top of the screen you will find information about your droid including the name and affiliation.

You can edit the information to your liking. While I like to have the option of changing affiliation, I’ll be keeping mine a Scoundrel.

Returning to the Main Menu there will be the following options: Maneuvering, Strategy, Piloting, and Droid Builder.


By selecting Maneuvering you are greeted by DJ R3X! Choose one of three music options and click Initiate.

Number 3 is my personal favorite.

From there you will find several icons. Touch each icon before dragging it down to the empty boxes to see what your droid will do.

These will vary from the dome of your droid moving from side to side, to watching your droid move in a semi-circle or zig-zag motion.

Once you have placed the icons in the order that you want into the empty boxes, press Initiate.

It’s showtime! Watch your droid move and dance to the music you selected!


Select between Easy Mode and Hard Mode and play Tic-tac-toe with your droid. Your droid will make all kinds of lively sounds each time they select a box.

The sounds will often change from joyful tones to frustrating sounds depending on how the game is going.


This enables you to move your droid with your phone instead of the remote control. The screen displays a control pad almost identical to the remote control with the addition of the circular pad on the left side of the screen.

Take your droid on an adventure to seek our Rebel scum or deliver important information to the Resistance.

Droid Builder

Press Initiate and choose between an R-Series or BB-Series astromech droid.

From there swipe through the dome and body options until you have created your droid.

Once complete you can view what looks to be a blueprint of the droid you created with the option to Redo your droid or Save the one you made.

You can do this repeatedly and revisit the droids you have created with the View option.

I Don’t Have A Droid

Currently, the only activity available is the Droid Builder. But do not fret.

The app is new and while this is the only activity for those who haven’t built a droid at the Droid Depot yet, it can still be a creative activity.

This activity will also provide a visual for what each astromech droid looks like. When you plan to visit the Droid Depot you will have a better idea of what droid you want.

Remember each time you open the app, you will have to reconnect to your droid.

Overall I really enjoyed the Droid Depot app. It’s nice to see that my money was well spent on a Disney souvenir that is interactive and always full of surprises!

I look forward to seeing what this and other Galaxy’s Edge apps can do for fans unable to visit the Disney Parks.

For more information about the Droid Depot app, visit the website here.

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