The Mandalorian: 2 reasons for and against bringing back Boba Fett

Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /
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Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Boba Fett will reportedly play a small role in The Mandalorian Season 2. His return presents reasons to be both excited and hesitant about his impact on the hit show.

As if intriguing Star Wars news wasn’t plentiful enough right now, Friday brought word that Temuera Morrison will play Boba Fett in the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian. According to The Hollywood Reporter it is a “small role”, yet bringing back someone like Morrison to play a character like Boba Fett is a very, very big deal.

While we don’t know how much Fett will factor into season 2, his arrival will certainly command center stage when it does happen. There are reasons to be both excited and hesitant about throwing Fett into the mix.

2 reasons for bringing Boba Fett back

No. 1: He’s freaking Boba Fett

There’s a reason Boba Fett has commanded a cult following despite his lack of lines in the Original Trilogy and not-so-spectacular death: he’s also really freaking cool. It’s no surprise that Fett’s unique look and relatively mysterious persona inspired efforts to make a movie and video game about him.

His success, even in a limited capacity, paved the way for a show like The Mandalorian to make a mysterious, helmet-wearing character the focal point. Bringing him back on a show that he helped make a possibility is a beautiful full-circle ode to the bounty hunter.

Pedro Pascal is engaging, even in a helmet. light. Related Story

There’s clear interest to see (and hear) more from Fett: Why not bring him back?

No. 2: Star Wars returns can be worthwhile

One clear thing that Star Wars isn’t afraid of is bringing characters back. This is done through flashbacks, Force Ghosts, or in even entire books/comics/shows that add more depth to someone we may only know from a limited amount of screen time. The latter of which rings true for Darth Maul, another uniquely intriguing character who also had a memorable demise.

After his perceived death in The Phantom Menace, Maul was revealed to be alive in The Clone Wars, which gave him ample time throughout the series to become a fully realized character aside from his movie appearance. Viewers got to know his motivations and see more of his personality, which brought meaningful detail to the famous Star Wars villain.

Applying this to Fett, his return can also be something that adds to Star Wars lore. There are various unknowns with Fett and an appearance, even if short, can add more life to the bounty hunter. It’s never a bad thing to know more about a character’s inner motivations or desires — in fact, that’s what makes them so captivating.

I want to know how Fett survived the sarlacc pit and what he got involved with after. And I’m absolutely intrigued at what role he’ll play during Mando and Baby Yoda’s adventures in The Mandalorian Season 2.

How will he appear? When will he appear? Who will he appear with? All these questions make the anticipation for Season 2 even greater.