Star Wars: Scene stealers from the sequel trilogy

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Star Wars


In every Star Wars film, there’s at least one character who steals every scene they are in. Here’s one from each movie in the sequels.

The Star Wars films are chock full of memorable characters. Whether they are human, alien, or robotic, these characters have worked their way into our hearts, some more than others.

Every film in the saga has a handful of characters that are hard to forget. Whether they are just small side characters who are on screen for a brief period of time or major players whose decisions affect the fate of the galaxy, they are all remembered fondly by Star Wars fans across the globe.

In an ongoing series, we’ll look at each film of a respective trilogy and talk about the biggest scene-stealer from that movie. Some of these choices are easier than others, while a few could be left up for a hearty debate.

We will start with the sequel trilogy and work our way down to the prequels. Here are three scene stealers from the sequel trilogy.

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