Star Wars Themed Recipes: The Force Float and an alternate recipe for Yoda Soda

Photo: Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge.. Image taken by Dork Side of the Force's Ryan Kunz
Photo: Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge.. Image taken by Dork Side of the Force's Ryan Kunz /

Ready for a Star Wars treat? Here’s the Yoda Soda.

This article features my variation of the Yoda Soda beverage recipe as originally published in the Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes by Robin Davis and Frankie Frankeny.

Besides my own twist on the Yoda Soda recipe, I’ve also included some other beverage recipe(s) that I call collectively, The Force Float.

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Star Wars treat: Yoda Soda (Djedi’s version)

What you’ll need:

  • 1 – 16oz Mountain Dew Baja Blast
  • 1+ scoops of Pistachio Ice Cream (Note: The brand I used was Turkey Hill Pistachio Almond)
  • 1 slice of lime cut in half-size wedges (optional)

Recipe Instructions:

1. Take your favorite mug or tumbler, preferably one that can hold 20 oz. or more, and pour in the full bottle of Baja Blast.

2. Next, add in the pistachio almond ice cream scoops. It’ll get frothy and likely spill over if you don’t have a large enough cup/mug for it. So, plan ahead.

3. This last step is optional, but if you feel inclined to you can add one thin slice of lime, that you cut in half, then slit these wedges in the middle. Take these wedges and place them on each side of the cup/mug so that they resemble Yoda’s ears.

The Baja Blast already has a distinct lime flavor to it, so the lime wedges act as more of a garnish than as a flavor additive. Also, the almonds in this pistachio ice cream lends a unique texture to this beverage, which fits well with its alien inspiration. Plus—as a bonus—the added protein might just boost your midi-chlorian count.

Although, if you are allergic to tree nuts you can switch the pistachio almond ice cream out with mint chocolate chip instead. I haven’t tried this myself but I think that both the flavor of the mint and texture of the chocolate chips are likely to make for a satisfying, yet unique, beverage.

Mmm. The flavor is strong with this one. Try it, you want to.

Star Wars treat: The Force Float

The Force Float is very similar to the above recipe except that you switch around the drink and ice cream to give it a Jedi/Sith hue reminiscent of the force users choice of weapons. All you need to do to create it is switch out the Baja Blast with Mountain Dew’s Voltage and/or Code Red. The former will give your beverage that distinct Jedi blue color, and the latter will make it Dark Side red.

Feel free to add your favorite ice cream, although I would suggest something with cherries or strawberries for the Code Red /Dark Side version. Also, if you’re not a Mountain Dew fan you can try using a blue raspberry drink for the Jedi blue, and a fruit punch/strawberry drink for the Dark Side red.

The flavor combinations all come down to what suits your tastes, so have fun and let the Force guide you. Finally, if you really feel like keeping with the Star Wars theme of these beverages, you might would like to get some of these Star Wars reusable straws or make your own  to drink them with. OK, I hope you all enjoy these beverage recipes.

Do any of you have some interesting Star Wars themed recipes that you’ve come up with? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Oh, and let me know if you’ve tried any of these out and liked them (or not).

This is a fun Star Wars activity you can do at home along with this list we curated on how to bring Star Wars home to you.

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May The Force ‘Float’ be with you all.