Who shot first? It depends on the version you watch

In the Star Wars: A New Hope, Greedo is shot by Han Solo inside the Cantina. But who shot first?

We are all very familiar with the fate of Greedo in the original Star Wars film. The alien chooses the absolute worst day to confront the smuggler Han Solo and pays dearly for it.

What not everyone may know is that there are at least three different scenes of Han and Greedo, depending on what version of the film you watch.

Who shot first? Does it even matter?

In the original film release back  in ’77, Greedo confronts Han, they sit and exchange words about a shipment Han had to drop when faced with imperial boarding.  Greedo threatens the smuggler, Han does not take lightly to being threatened. Han shoots first. The alien dies.

A revision came about for the 1997 re-release and plays out the same except Greedo fires and the shot hits the wall, Solo is luckier or more skilled and hits his foe. The change came about to show Han killing Greedo as an act of self defense, rather than a mindless killing. More heroic.

A third revision for the 2004 release  on DVD and has Greedo  and Han firing at the same time. Greedo misses Han who quickly, precisely fires upon Greedo. “Frying poor Greedo”.

Apparently there is another version on Disney+ also.  Check out this link to see comparisons.

It is great that different versions exist and make the mind wonder what other awesome alternate takes or scenes exist for the other Star Wars films that we don’t know of.

Which version do you like best?