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As summer comes around, it’s the perfect time to re-watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But instead of focusing on the famous arcs this time, give some time and thought to the more underrated stories. Here are five of the best, yet most underrated, Clone Wars arcs.

Season 1, episodes 6 and 7: Downfall of a Droid, Duel of the Droids  

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Whilst it contains some of the most dodgy animation in Clone Wars history, these episodes are jam-packed with lighthearted action that is both representative of the show’s beginnings and great fun to watch.

The stakes aren’t high in these episodes – we know R2 will come out safely – but his capture and the subsequent hunt for his return is gripping nonetheless as we root for our favorite droid’s safety.

The episodes also have one of the most nefarious double-agents in Star Wars history and some great droid action scenes, as well as the beginnings of the debate over droid sentience and the worth of a droid’s life.

Season 2, episodes 5 and 6: Landing at Point Rain, Weapons Factory

These episodes have some of the greatest action The Clone Wars has to offer as we see the Jedi go into battle once again on Geonosis. It gives a fantastic insight into the Jedi war-effort, as well as offering some genuinely exciting action, with Landing at Point Rain hearkening back to WW2 war films.

What’s more, the episodes present Ahsoka and Barriss as two very different padawans, demonstrating the variety within the Jedi Order, whilst also setting up a relationship which will be very important to later seasons…

These episodes are also followed by a fantastic horror-themed duo in Legacy of Terror / Brain Invaders, which offer an often-overlooked, terrifying side to the Star Wars galaxy!

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Season 2, episode 11: Lightsaber Lost  

Okay, so not an arc exactly, but this single episode is one of the best in the entire Clone Wars show! Not only does it introduce one of the all-time best Jedi in Tera Sinube (and his incredible lightsaber!), but it presents a fantastic lesson in responsibility and morality.

This moral is presented in a highly entertaining storyline of a chase across Coruscant, giving us a rare insight into the lower levels of the planet, cementing the episode as one of the best.

Season 3, episodes 18-20: The Citadel, Counterattack, Citadel Rescue  

Whilst the Citadel arc has received greater focus due to the return of Echo in season 7, it’s still too-often overlooked, which is a real shame as it offers a fantastic story of a prison-break with real stakes, all revolving around the fantastic Even Piell!

It has an all-star cast who face fantastic obstacles throughout the three episodes as we watch them try to escape a maximum-security facility.

It also includes a wealth of callbacks to the original Star Wars movies (Carbonite freezing!) and foreshadows things to come (a young Tarkin!), so it is enjoyable on whatever level you watch it.

Season 5, episodes 10-13: Secret Weapons, A Sunny Day in the Void, Missing in Action, Point of No Return  

This arc, which focuses entirely on an almost-completely mute team of droids and their ridiculous general, is utterly fantastic. It explores questions of droid sentience and purpose and also delivers with a fantastic tale of a lost clone – what’s not to love?

Whilst the cast can seem frustrating at first, by the end of the arc one cannot help but love them and all that they have been through. It completely changes how one sees droids in Star Wars.

And a special mention must go to episode 11, A Sunny Day in the Void. A completely bizarre episode about droids wandering through nothingness which is beautiful because of its absurdity. What’s more, the episode explores incredibly deep themes of meaning and belonging.

It’s often overlooked as trivial, but it’s one of the best Clone Wars arcs.

So, next time you settle down to revisit The Clone Wars, remember to treasure the silly episodes, because they contain some of the most fantastic and profound moments the show has to offer.

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