Star Wars: Marc Thompson will voice Darth Vader in Doctor Aphra audiobook

In the Doctor Aphra original audiobook coming out next month, longtime Star Wars narrator will voice Darth Vader.

Long time Star Wars book narrator Marc Thompson is adding a new character to his list. He’s done a number of audiobooks, but is now adding Darth Vader to his resume.

Star Wars announced a Doctor Aphra original audiobook is coming next month. The new story on the lovable but frustrating archaeologist will feature more encounters with Darth Vader. On Around the Galaxy, Thompson revealed he would be playing Vader among other characters.

Thompson has done a number of voices in the Star Wars galaxy including Yoda and Thrawn in other audiobooks, and he’s narrated more than 50 Star Wars books. It makes sense to include him in an original audiobook given his range of talent.

Doctor Aphra audiobook details

If you are a fan of Doctor Aphra comics, you probably enjoyed Triple Zero, a murder droid who may look like C-3PO but certainly doesn’t act like him. There were will be a few familiar faces returning to the Doctor Aphra audio book.

Thompson has an extensive history in voice work. His earliest work includes voices in Daria back in the last 1990s. Since then he’s worked on a number of cartoons, anime and video games. He started doing audiobooks for Star Wars back in 2007 with Legacy of the Force.

Star Wars and audiobooks

Lucasfilm is diving into the medium of original audiobooks. One of the earliest stories came with Count Dooku. It provided more depth to a character that had so much history. Perhaps it is a great way for side characters to get more life to their story.

Dooku: Jedi Lost was well received. If the Doctor Aphra original audiobook does well, look for more of these in the future.

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The Doctor Aphra audiobook will be available on July 21.