Dress up the whole family in these Baby Yoda PJs

Hanna Andersson: The Child Print Pajamas. Image Courtesy Lucasfilm
Hanna Andersson: The Child Print Pajamas. Image Courtesy Lucasfilm /

The newest The Mandalorian merchandise includes cute PJs featuring Baby Yoda

Remember when we first met The Child, the lovable character known as Baby Yoda? Lucasfilm kept it a surprise, so we were all happily surprised to meet the adorable green creature.

But the one thing about keeping it a secret is that there was no official merchandise. No toys, no apparel, no accessories. If they did make items for Baby Yoda before the release of the Disney+, it would have undoubtedly been leaked.

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All of that has changed. There are new items popping up all the time now, giving Star Wars fans everywhere a chance to own a piece of their fandom. One of the latest items includes a set of pajamas from Hannah Andersson. They feature a print of The Child and come in child and adult sizes.

How many holiday cards are going to be featuring these cozy PJs?

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The merchandise for The Child is at the point where if there is something you want, it’s likely out there. All the companies that are partners with Lucasfilm have created items like figurines plushes, shirts, pants, keychains, and so much more.

Baby Yoda merch didn’t make it in time for last holiday, but with the second season of The Mandalorian coming out in October, there’s going to be no shortage of gifts featuring The Child this year.

The fun thing about Baby Yoda is how he appeals to both children and adults. You can’t help but fall in love with the character, especially when it was so unexpected and came out of nowhere. The Baby Yoda merch at this point is only limited by imagination.

You want it. You can probably get it.

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Do you have any Baby Yoda items? What have you bought?