Star Wars: No, the sequel trilogy is not getting re-made

Disney is not re-making the Star Wars sequel trilogy despite “rumors.”

Disney spent a lot of money on the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Despite of some fans’ feelings over it, there were plenty of expenses that went into it including its powerful marketing machine.

I mention this because there is a really silly rumor going around that Disney is going to re-boot the sequel trilogy. I won’t even mention where the rumor came from because they’re not credible and have been known to say things for the sake of views.

But the issue is that there are other outlets and followers who believe these rumors because they feed into their feelings. That’s how the rumors pick up traction.

I’m here to say it’s not happening. Disney is not re-booting the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The Star Wars story is the story. Whether you loved it, hated it or fell some place in the middle, the sequel trilogy is THE story. It’s not being relegated to Legends status. Despite Disney having gone this route before for the books written before Disney bought Lucasfilm, this is not going to happen with the movies.

First, it would require too much work (money!) to re-do the movies. The combined estimated budget for the three movies was $880 million. Re-booting the sequel trilogy to make an entirely new story would be a waste of all the previous money spent.

Second, there is so much merchandise already for the sequels – with more on the way. Where is all of that going to go?

Third, you’re not getting original trilogy characters back. Carrie Fisher sadly died years ago, Mark Hamill said he wouldn’t play Luke Skywalker again, and Harrison Ford likely wouldn’t do it without the others.

In short, it’s not happening. Don’t believe the “rumors.”

There are new Star Wars movies coming in years to come with the Rian Johnson trilogy and the Taika Waititi movie. These movies will create new characters and stories and THAT’S what we should be looking forward to — not pretending three huge blockbusters never happened.

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