Bad Batch: Why we don’t need another prequel era show

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+ /
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Star wars: The Clone Wars
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This era has been thoroughly covered

The Clone Wars had seven seasons and 133 episodes. These were all set in between Episodes II and III. While many of these episodes dealt with the war itself and the interaction between the Jedi and their clones, many also explored other aspects of the galaxy.

The show is supposedly going to be about this elite task force trying to find their way in a new world. That sounds very similar to the arcs we saw in The Clone Wars that dealt with Boba Fett and even Darth Maul. Do we really need to see this group of ex-troopers find themselves in the galaxy and more importantly do we even care?

Also with this series taking place after the events of The Clone Wars are we just going to see the same type of villains? We likely won’t see Darth Vader but I’m sure we again will get some lower-tiered Moff type of character who will be hunting down this group, trying to end their shenanigans.