The Bad Batch can address unanswered questions from Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+ /

The Bad Batch can answer some lingering questions from Star Wars Rebels

Lucasfilm recently announced that the world of Star Wars animation will continue with the 2021 debut of a show called Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars, the show will follow the experimental group of clones known as the Bad Batch as they undertake mercenary missions and navigate life during the early days of the Galactic Empire.

The announcement of this show has been met with mixed reception from fans. Some are eager to spend more time with the eccentric Bad Batch and other clones who were humanized by The Clone Wars, especially as they navigate life after Order 66. Others are skeptical of yet another story taking place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

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There is also the question of whether the members of the Bad Batch are compelling enough to lead a series on their own.

Regardless of the feelings each fan has about the show right now, fans should take into consideration that the show can address some unanswered questions from the phenomenal animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Rebels tells its own story while also acting a sequel series for The Clone Wars. It features the return of fan-favorite characters like Captain Rex, along with other clones like Wolffe and Gregor. Rex tells the Ghost crew that he didn’t betray his Jedi during Order 66 and that he had his inhibitor chip removed, a story that fans have now seen for themselves in the final season of The Clone Wars.

What fans don’t know is what happened to Rex in between the end of The Clone Wars and his first appearance in Rebels. There are only vague details as to how Rex ended up on a modified AT-TE on the planet Seelos with Wolffe and Gregor. Wolffe and Gregor had their inhibitor chips removed as well, but did that happen before or after Order 66? Why aren’t there more clones aboard the AT-TE with Rex?

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Why isn’t Rex’s close comrade Commander Cody ever mentioned or seen in Rebels? Did Cody stay loyal to the Empire after Revenge of the Sith? After being phased out of the Empire and replaced by stormtroopers, what happened to the Bad Batch and all the other clones that fans don’t see or hear from in Rebels?

No Star Wars story should exist just to fill in gaps between other stories. Yet, Star Wars has done an excellent job of telling stories worth telling while simultaneously filling in such gaps. The Bad Batch has the opportunity to tell a compelling story about the clone troopers right after the end of Clone Wars while simultaneously addressing lingering questions about the clones from Rebels.

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What questions do you want answered in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?