Creators of Vader Immortal give behind-the-scenes look at creating the VR game

Vader Immortal (2019). Image courtesy of
Vader Immortal (2019). Image courtesy of /

The creators of Vader Immortal are revealing more about how the VR game came together.

The VR game Vader Immortal has been out for some time now, but the VR endeavor recently launched on PlayStation VR on Aug. 25. There, PlayStation users have had the experience of stepping into the likes of a Force-using smuggler who gets captured by Darth Vader. And as a way to celebrate the PlayStation release, the creators behind the new PlayStation game got together for their own VR chat to discuss how the game came together.

The discussion, which was released on Wednesday, featured Writer and Executive Producer David S. Goyer, Director Ben Snow, Executive Producer Mark S. Miller, and ILMxLAB Lead QA Marissa Martinez-Hoadley. There, they spilled all there favorite moments (and hiccups that went along with creating the immersive experience.

This game, in fact, was so immersive that Martinez-Hoadley even revealed that she found herself trying to use the Force even in real life. She said (via “Once the Force was introduced in the game, I would spend all week using the Force, and then go home on the weekend and sit on my couch and the remote control would be over there. And I couldn’t get it!”

Actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Rudolph even appeared in the video discussion to share a little bit about voicing her character, droid ZO-E3. After Rudolph’s message, Miller chimed in to say how excited he was to work with the actress, even revealing how she was able to improv her own lines and zingers depending on the pointers they gave her.

Watch the roundtable, behind-the-scenes chat with the Vader Immortal creators

For those who haven’t played Vader Immortal, the game’s first episode has a pretty solid rating of 78 on Metacritic. The game is broken up into three episodes altogether, with Episode 1 released back on May 21, 2019, on PC up to Episode III being released on Nov. 21, 2019.

Here are the episode descriptions for each one via

Episode I

"In Episode I, you’ll meet new characters including your droid co-pilot ZO-E3, wield a lightsaber, and traverse Vader’s fortress to find out what he’s searching for."

Episode II

"In Episode II, with the fearsome Sith Lord as your guide, you’ll battle terrifying creatures and uncover ancient secrets beneath the planet’s surface and learn tomaster the Force."

Episode III

"In Episode III, with the fate of Mustafar in your hands, you will need to take everything you’ve learned along the way to face off in a final confrontation."

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While not every gamer has VR equipment, those who do now have the option to play it on PlayStation, so they can feel even closer to the Force being with them. If not, Star Wars announced several upcoming video games that your every-day, non-VR user can play.

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