Funko announces Princess Leia Pop! as next Battle at Echo Base installment

Princess Leia Deluxe Funko Pop! Photo via Amazon/Funko.
Princess Leia Deluxe Funko Pop! Photo via Amazon/Funko. /

Star Wars and Funko announced the newest addition to the Battle at Echo Base Pop! series.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back turned 40 this year, and there’s been many celebrations all year long to commemorate that. This includes a new deluxe set from Funko, which is a six-piece series representing the Battle at Echo Base on Hoth.

The newest addition to the series, as Funko announced today, is Princess Leia. Officially titled “Funko Pop! Deluxe: Star Wars Battle at Echo Base Series – Princess Leia,” the Funko Pop! features Leia in her Hoth attire, standing in the control room of the base. The pre-sale for the Funko Pop! is happening now exclusively on Amazon. It’s available for purchase for $24.99, and orders will begin shipping on Nov. 25.

As mentioned, this is part of a six-piece set, and it’s the fifth of these announced so far. Previously, a Wampa, Han and Tauntaun, Chewbacca, and Probe Droid have already been announced as part of the set.

All Battle at Echo Base Funko Pops!

Two of the Funko Pops! from this line are already available to purchase. The 6-inch Wampa is available now, and notes it’s a significant update from the first Wampa that was released many years ago. “When we said ‘Wampa,’ I think at one point in the initial meeting somebody said, ‘Yeah, well, we already did Wampa.’ But we all agreed he could really use an update,” Funko art designer Reis O’Brien said to Star Wars. “The original Wampa we put out was years ago, and we’ve changed. We’ve gotten better. So we thought it was time for a refresh on him.”

Also available to purchase is the Han Solo and Tauntaun Pop!. (It looks like there’s no Luke Skywalker hiding inside this, by the way.) The flocked Chewbacca Pop! is open to pre-orders and will begin shipping on Sept. 20. And the Probe Droid is taking pre-orders for a release date of Oct. 24.

As seen in the picture below, the Funko Pops! connect to one another. Eventually, when all the sets are released, we’ll get to see the full picture that it makes. Take the Avengers Assemble deluxe set, for example, which is also a scene-building series that is currently releasing.

funko pop han solo
Han Solo Deluxe Funko Pop! and Wampa Deluxe Funko Pop!. Photo via Amazon/Funko. /

What will the last piece of the set be? There’s still no Luke Skywalker, for one. It looks like the Avengers Series is saving Captain America for last. So in the same vein, the Echo Base Series may be saving Luke for last as well. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to see what the last piece will be.

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