These Mulan characters are a perfect match for the Star Wars universe

Mulan-Star Wars. Composite: FanSided.
Mulan-Star Wars. Composite: FanSided. /
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With the live-action remake of Mulan now on Disney+, we look back and see which Mulan characters would be the perfect fit in Star Wars.

The live-action remake of Mulan is now available on Disney+ for $29.99 in addition to the regular subscription price, but the original animated version is available as part of the subscription service at no additional charge. The remake has rated lower than the animated version with both critics and fans, and the mixed opinion of the live-action version has also seen some comparisons to Star Wars.

Rather than delving into the arguments about the remake, here we’re taking a look at the beloved animated original that starred Ming-Na Wen as Fa Mulan, Eddie Murphy as Mushu, and BD Wong as Captain Li Shang. Looking at Star Wars characters from throughout the Star Wars cinematic catalog, here those beloved characters have been re-cast to play 16 roles in the original Mulan.

Shan Yu: Darth Maul

In the opening moment of Mulan, we are introduced to the movie’s chilling antagonist Shan Yu. The terrifying leader of the Hun Army is frighteningly calm, and takes each of his adversaries seriously, even when the unlikely Mulan is revealed as “the soldier from the mountains.”

Darth Maul was a man of even fewer words than Shan Yu and delivered the same intimidating presence. While Darth Vader is the most well-known antagonist from Star Wars, it is Maul who feels like the better fit as the confident leader of the Hun Army.

The Emperor of China: Yoda

Directly in opposition to Shan Yu from the very beginning is The Emperor of China. Much like Master Yoda, The Emperor of China is not beyond speaking in metaphors and hiding deeper meanings in his words. On top of that, they’ve both got a tendency to act in surprising or unorthodox ways.

Yoda’s mischievous side and desire to buck tradition is seen many times, whereas The Emperor of China is willing to acknowledge the difference Mulan makes despite her gender. The Emperor is also not afraid to break away from his formal demeanor to deliver less serious lines such as “you don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.”