These Mulan characters are a perfect match for the Star Wars universe

Mulan-Star Wars. Composite: FanSided.
Mulan-Star Wars. Composite: FanSided. /
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Star Wars
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Fa Mulan: Jyn Erso

While some might first look to a character like Rey to fill the role of Mulan, the best fit is actually Jyn Erso from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Like Fa Mulan, she comes from a complicated family that didn’t always seem to be on her side.

Fa Mulan finds herself separated from her family, but her actions ultimately turn the tide in a war that affects her entire nation. Jyn Erso may have only been seen in one film, but her impact in fighting against The Empire can’t be overlooked.

Fa Zhou & Fa Li: Galen Erso & Lyra Erso

Following the casting of Jyn Erso as Fa Mulan, we have Galen Erso and Lyra Erso filling the roles as Fa Mulan’s parents Fa Zhou and Fa Li. Galen and Lyra are close to their daughter, but the effects of the war tear the family apart.

The same begins to happen to Fa Mulan and her parents Fa Zhou and Fa Li, as Mulan’s parents must stay back and hope she can make things right on her own. Ultimately, Fa Mulan succeeds without her family just as Jyn Erso did, and Fa Mulan is even able to bring her family back together after saving China.

Grandmother Fa: Obi-Wan Kenobi

For clarity, the Obi-Wan Kenobi that fills this role is “Old Ben Kenobi” we see in the original Star Wars trilogy. While Grandmother Fa isn’t around the entire time, her influence on Mulan is felt throughout the movie.

Little Brother: BB-8

Little Brother is a minor character seen primarily in the beginning of the animated film Mulan, but his adorable presence made him a fan favorite. The same can be said for BB-8, who had a more prominent role in Star Wars but would be perfectly at home as the cute Little Brother of Mulan.