Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart imagine a Star Wars and Star Trek crossover

Mark Hamill/Patrick Stewart. Composite: Dork Side of the Force.
Mark Hamill/Patrick Stewart. Composite: Dork Side of the Force. /

What would a Star Wars-Star Trek crossover look like? Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have some ideas.

You may have seen two epic actors come together on social media recently for a special ad campaign. Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart came together for Uber Eat’s string of advertisements to face off against one another. And the two also came together to speak to Men’s Journal about their roles in their respective franchises and what they think would happen in a Star Wars-Star Trek crossover.

It’s the stuff of dreams, really, for anyone who’s a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek. And when asked what they think would happen if Luke Skywalker met Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the two had the perfect answer. Here’s what Stewart had to say in his answer:

"I would think that Picard would want Skywalker on his crew, but would be sure to keep a careful eye on him. Because he has a few personality traits that Picard might want to keep tabs on."

Hamill agreed, even admitting that the Enterprise crew has nothing on the Rebellion when it comes to their organization. Hamill said in his response:

"I think Luke would very much respect Picard and the Starfleet force as a whole. The Rebel Alliance that he is a part of is much less organized, and would be put to shame as far as execution by what he would see on the Enterprise. I also believe Luke is a life-long student, despite the fact he becomes a Jedi Master, and I think he would have a lot to learn from Picard."

A Star Wars + Star Trek crossover?

It would be quite the scene: seeing Luke Skywalker come aboard the starship to see how tight of a ship Picard runs. But what if Picard were to come to a galaxy far, far away? The actors didn’t have an answer for that. Though we think Picard would have some reservations if he were to see the state of the Millennium Falcon. Perhaps the Rebel alliance could use someone like Picard, and we’re sure he would have all the right strategies in mind to help bring down the Empire.

Stewart, in fact, mentioned that the thought of a crossover had crossed his mind before (no pun intended). He said in the interview: “I will admit that, at least for us on Star Trek, we have fantasied [sic] about a combined universe between Star Wars and Trek movie. There have been a lot of ideas thrown about on putting together two iconic universes, and having all of these great characters coming into contact. I would personally get such a kick out of that.”

It seems with Hollywood so keen on reboots and remakes, the last, ultimate step would be to take two old, beloved franchises and bring them together. Canon or not, it would certainly break the internet. But at least for now, we have this short gathering of the two actors for the campaign. Hamill and Stewart shared much more about themselves, including how the two actors first met and Hamill’s connection to Star Trek The Next Generation — and it’s definitely worth giving the full interview a read to learn more.

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