Should there be High Republic movies, shows, and games?

Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi - Book Cover.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide
Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi - Book Cover.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide /

The High Republic will kick off with novels and comics, but should this era of Star Wars also feature films, television series, and video games?

The High Republic will officially begin in January of 2021 with the release of Charles Soule’s novel Light of the Jedi. The story will show a golden age made possible by the Jedi, only to see everything change when the ominous Great Disaster occurs.

Fans have already been treated to the novel’s first chapter as the Great Disaster begins to unfold. Light of the Jedi will be followed by more novels and comics in an interconnected story that showcases a never before seen era of Star Wars.

Charles Soule has confirmed that Light of the Jedi will not be his last contribution to the High Republic and that he is already part of many more projects in what he described as a “multi-year mega story.”  With so many projects in the works for what is slated to be an ongoing and massive story, fans can’t help but wonder if the High Republic will transcend the novels and comics, with stories also being made into films, television series, and video games.

At first glance, this is an exciting prospect and one that will be embraced by many fans. The next Star Wars film is slated for 2023, though the premise of the film remains unconfirmed. There are rumors that this will kick off a High Republic trilogy of films. After engaging in High Republic novels and comics for a couple of years, many fans will be invested in these new characters and this new era and will be thrilled to see it all come to life on the big screen.

There’s just as much opportunity in the mediums of television and video games. The Mandalorian has proven how successful a smaller-scale story can be for live-action television. A High Republic show could take a similar approach by focusing on the adventures of a specific Jedi or two during this era.

A video game could help fans feel like they are living these adventures for themselves. Just as the game Star Wars: Squadrons will have fans playing as New Republic and Imperial pilots, a High Republic game could have fans playing as Jedi and as the villainous Nihil.

These are intriguing possibilities, but the challenge will be making these stories feel accessible to fans who aren’t keeping up with the novels and comics while still making these stories feel rewarding for the fans who are keeping up with everything in the High Republic.

If a movie, show, or game spends time rehashing characters, storylines, and world-building that High Republic fans already spent ample time with, these stories will feel disappointing and as if they’re being catered to the fans who haven’t been reading the novels and comics. Without rehashing these elements, though, the fans who are coming to the High Republic for the first time will likely feel lost.

The solution to this might be for the movies, shows, and games to primarily focus on characters that haven’t been introduced yet in the novels and comics. This ensures that all fans are meeting these characters for the first time while also ensuring that these new stories feel fresh for everyone.

The High Republic isn’t going to be about any single character. It will be a vast era in a limitless galaxy, which means there are limitless storytelling possibilities. With so many Jedi, Nihil, and other characters at the disposal of Charles Soule and the other creators, the High Republic can make every story feel accessible to everyone, from the fans who have consumed everything, to the fans who are experiencing their first High Republic story.

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Novels and comics are a great place to start but in order to gain more traction, the High Republic should work its way up to movies, shows, and games that feel accessible to all Star Wars fans.