Star Wars: Squadrons leaked clip introduces a familiar Imperial admiral

Screenshot from Star Wars: Squadrons (2020). Photo via EA/Star Wars.
Screenshot from Star Wars: Squadrons (2020). Photo via EA/Star Wars. /

A leaked Star Wars: Squadrons clip has surfaced just before the game is released.

Warning! This story contains spoilers for the video game Star Wars: Squadrons.

The latest Star Wars video game to come out, Star Wars: Squadrons, is just a few days away. But it wouldn’t be Star Wars without a little leak coming out just before it’s officially available to audiences.

The leak is a video clip, presumably of one of the first cut scenes from the game. If not one of the first cut scenes, what’s for sure is that it’s a mission on the Imperial side of the game — as it’s been noted that Star Wars: Squadrons allows you to play on both the Rebellion and Imperial side when it comes to piloting for the great galactic war.

While we won’t share the leaked video here, you can check out the clip for yourself on Reddit.

The clip surprisingly features a long-time Star Wars character who’s been featured in everything but the films: Rae Sloane. The character served as a Grand Admiral in both the Empire and the First Order. But because we know the game takes place during the Rebellion’s plan to dismantle the Empire, we’re looking back at her earlier days while still part of the Imperial forces.

What’s interesting in this is that the other character seen in this clip looks exactly like the character Lindon Javes, who the Star Wars databank says he’s an Imperial pilot for the Rebellion. He’s originally from Alderaan, and funny enough, his mission with the Empire is to find and stop an Alderaanian convoy. Looks like the Empire has a Rebel spy on their hands. And this will certainly make things interesting as we see what happens when Javes is able to report back to the Rebel base. Will the Empire find out? Or will Javes be safe?

Star Wars: Squadrons
Star Wars: Squadrons’ Lindon Javes. Photo via Star Wars. /

Just two weeks ago, Star Wars did unveil an official clip for Star Wars: Squadrons. The clip was something of a short, short film that featured a dedicated Imperial pilot who wouldn’t give up on his mission even after the Empire was defeated.

The video clip itself was impressive, and it definitely has fans looking forward to this next installment in the Star Wars video game franchise. You can look out for the game yourself when it comes out Oct. 2 for  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Also keep an eye out for the official Dork Side of the Force Star Wars: Squadrons review next week.

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