4 hilarious Star Wars references in The Office

Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in The Office (2005), Season 2, episode 5: "Halloween". Photo: NBC.
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in The Office (2005), Season 2, episode 5: "Halloween". Photo: NBC. /

Get ready to laugh and cry at these Star Wars references used in The Office television series.

There is no surface Star Wars has not touched. From merchandising to catchphrases and even references in film and TV Shows.

The Office is no exception. Running for nine seasons from 2005 to 2013, the show had countless moments of hilarity and heart with a colorful cast of characters.

The show turned the mundane days of working at the Scranton Branch of the paper company Dunder Mifflin, into exciting if not outrageous days with crazy situations. They often broke the fourth wall, as apparent cameramen followed them around without being truly acknowledged.

These four Star Wars references are listed in order of appearance. Enjoy!

4 Star Wars references in The Office

1. Jabba the Hutt

Season 5, Episode 1: Part 2 “Weight Loss”

When corporate decides to have a weight loss contest in which the branch that loses the most weight wins extra vacation days, you know things will get pretty crazy.

While some employees are managing to lose weight others are taking extreme measures. When Dwight takes one weight loss measure too far with Phyllis, corporate sends a reminder that they will not condone unhealthy dieting habits.

Michael, who had been on everyone’s case since the beginning, changes tactics. He holds one of his unconventional meetings where he arrives in an extra-padded suit and puts pictures on the wall of people and fictional characters that are overweight.

These include the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and Jabba the Hutt. While the picture of Jabba the Hutt is only shown briefly, it’s enough to chuckle at before Michael’s meeting becomes heartfelt. He reassures his staff that they shouldn’t be worried about losing the weight and instead focus on being healthy.

2. Dwight dresses as a Sith

Season 2, Episode 5: “Halloween”

There is no doubt Dwight was one of the hardest working employees at Dunder Mifflin. That being said, he was also one of the hardest to get along with.

This made him a prime target for Jim Halpert’s pranks, his over-the-top dramatic tendencies to impress his boss Michael Scott, and the staff to practically disbelieve anything he said.

In this episode titled “Halloween” Dwight dressed in a black robe with red lightsaber at the ready mocking Jim’s costume or lack thereof. Jim’s costume the “three-hole-punch version” of himself gets a chuckle out of Phyllis.

Dwight argues his costume is better. However, Phyllis has no idea who he is supposed to be, assuming him to be a monk. Annoyed, Dwight tells her he is a Sith lord detailing, how much money he even spent for his red lightsaber. However, no one in the near vicinity seems impressed.

3. Michael Proposes to Holly

Season 7, Episode 19: “Garage Sale”

The lovable yet often dorky Michael Scott struggled with relationships throughout the course of the show. None of the women he dated truly seemed to fit his odd personality except for one: Holly.

When Michael first met Holly, they shared a funny conversation speaking like Yoda in season 4. Seasons later, Michael is ready to propose to her and has his staff hold lit candles leading her to the place in the office where they met for the first time.

As Michael tries to begin his proposal, the fire sprinklers are set off by all of the lit candles. While the two laugh, soaked head to toe, Michael proposes to Holly speaking like Yoda. Holly happily replies that she will marry him speaking like Yoda in return.

4. “Always a padawan, never a Jedi”

Season 7, Episode 21: “Michael’s Last Dundies”

The Dundies were always the biggest event held by Michael Scott himself. He was the host and award distributor, giving awards for some of the most peculiar reasons.

Of course, his intention is for everyone to have fun and feel honored to be awarded something in their lives. Now engaged to Holly, Michael will be leaving his position as the Regional Manager of the Scranton branch and will be having his last Dundies.

He wants to train the next host by having a cohost, a title Dwight hopes he will receive.

However, when Michael chooses Deangelo Vickers, his soon-to-be replacement, Dwight offers the line to the cameraman, “Always the padawan, never the Jedi,” with deep disappointment.

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