Star Wars author teases what Yoda was up to during the High Republic era

Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars.
Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars. /

It was revealed that Yoda would be part of the High Republic era of Star Wars books, and we now know where he’s at when the series kicks off.

New York Comic Con 2020 kicked off a digital convention today. And what better way to kick off a weekend-long convention than starting with a Star Wars panel? The panel, which can be viewed on YouTube, rounded up a group of the authors who are writing for the High Republic book series, and they revealed a ton of information about what to expect from this time period.

One of the more interesting reveals they were able to share is what Jedi Master Yoda will be up to during this time period. Since it takes place a couple hundred years before Episode I, this means Yoda is young and in his prime, still ready to follow the Jedi way.

Previously, it was revealed that Yoda would in fact be one of the familiar characters who would pop up in this time period, but that’s about all we knew. Now, in the NYCC panel, writer Daniel José Older was able to share exactly what Yoda will be up to when things start to kick off in the High Republic series. Older is the writer for the comic Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, and it looks like he has some first-hand knowledge about the character in this series. Here’s what he had to say:

"So Yoda is where he loves to be most, which is hanging out with some of the young Jedi — the padawans that are in training at the time of the High Republic when the Great Disaster hits. And we meet up with him in the IDW High Republic Adventures comic a little bit after when there are other fallouts from the Great Disaster happening. And he’s traveling around with his padawans, and they jump into action. There are valuable lessons to be learned and there are lives at stake. And that’s when Yoda is at his best."

So, it seems like Yoda is the exact opposite of Anakin Skywalker when it comes to the younglings. And what a great mentor for them to have, especially with this “Great Disaster” set to take place. In the panel, the Great Disaster was summed up as the kick-off point for all of the action that takes place in this series. And it’s kind of like the great shake-up that ends the peaceful period in the galaxy.

Finally, we know just a little bit more about Yoda’s life, and we can see just how much he experienced during his time. He experienced the height of the Jedi during the High Republic era. He lived to see the downfall and the destruction of the Jedi after the execution of Order 66. And he lived his final days in solitude when the Jedi were nothing but an old religion, almost seeing the end of the Empire as a whole.

Now, if only we could learn about Yoda and his species. That seems more like something for The Mandalorian season 2 to explore rather than the High Republic era. But this series seems to be full of surprises, so we’ll never know what reveals they’ll drop on us next.

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The High Republic era of books kicks off in January 2021.