Cavan Scott previews pages from Star Wars: The High Republic #1 comic

Cover art for Star Wars: The High Republic comic. Photo: Star Wars/Marvel.
Cover art for Star Wars: The High Republic comic. Photo: Star Wars/Marvel. /

Cavan Scott is teasing an excerpt from his upcoming comic Star Wars: The High Republic #1. 

We’re learning so much more about the High Republic era of Star Wars now. With a little under three months before its launch in January 2021, more details are coming out about the literary projects that are planned from the Star Wars team. And that’s especially true after yesterday, in which New York Comic Con hosted a virtual panel with the writers of the High Republic books and comics.

Among those writers was Cavan Scott, who’s currently penning the Star Wars: The High Republic comic. During the panel as he spoke, we briefly got to see some of the pages from the upcoming comic. But as a courtesy, Scott has now released those pages on his website so everyone can take a look at the preview for the comic book.

To see the comic book pages, you can head to Cavan Scott’s website. Then read on below for our analysis of the pages.

In the pages that were previewed, it looks like we’ve got some low-stakes action going on that doesn’t necessarily reveal too much of the broader plot. But what we do see is the main character, Keeve Trennis, who is the new Jedi on the block. Here’s what Cavan Scott had to say about her at New York Comic Con:

"So Keeve is a brand new Jedi. She’s literally minted just after the Great Disaster, just before the galaxy starts to re-assess itself after such a terrible event. And she’s posted to Starlight Beacon. Now, Starlight Beacon is this massive space station which is out in a vast… expanse of space, which literally acts as a beacon for travelers who are going out to the frontier. Now, it was something that she never expected to do. She thought she’d be sent out to an outpost. She was prepared for that life, and suddenly she finds herself with some of the key Jedi of the era — the people she looked up to as heroes are now her peers. And so she has to cope with that, especially when she starts meeting some of the people who were involved in the Great Disaster and helped so many people in the Great Disaster."

Basically, we have a brand new Jedi who just gets thrown into the action, barely with a moment’s notice. The Great Disaster has been teased as the devastating moment that puts an end to peace in the galaxy. So it’s never been more important to be a Jedi than during the High Republic era.

Previously, previewed a few pages from the comic which introduced Keeve and her mentor, Sskeer, who we see in these new pages as well. In the first shared pages, we saw Keeve with Sskeer, about to undergo her Jedi trials. We’re not sure if the new pages released are part of her Jedi trials or if it’s a completely separate event. But seeing as she’s still with her mentor, it looks like this is before she’s sent to Starlight Beacon.

Once she’s sent there, that’s probably when the real action of the story picks up. But of course, it’s always good to have a proper introduction to a new character before you get into the thick of the story. Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer before the full comic is out. Star Wars: The High Republic — from Scott, Ario Anindito, and Mark Morales — will be out in January.

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