Review: ColourPop Cosmetics and Star Wars’ The Child eyeshadow palette

The Child Palette from ColourPop. Photo courtesy of ColourPop.
The Child Palette from ColourPop. Photo courtesy of ColourPop. /

ColourPop Cosmetics has created a Star Wars palette just in time to celebrate the second season of The Mandalorian.

The Child Palette was sent to us by ColourPop for review. I did not apply the makeup from the palette.

ColourPop Cosmetics has joined forces with Star Wars to create a limited edition palette inspired by The Mandalorian.

Perhaps everyone’s favorite character from the Disney Plus series, The Child is the main theme of this Lucasfilm collaboration.

Previously, ColourPop has collaborated with Ellarie, Candyland and Sailor Moon. Now they are bringing The Child to you in a variety of colors to create a plethora of makeup looks.

ColourPop The Child Palette

Pressed Powder Shades

Baby Yoda Palette ColourPop
The Child Palette from ColourPop. Photo courtesy of ColourPop. /

The shades vary in matte and metallic tones. The shade names are “Precious Cargo,” “Right Hand Mando,” “Just Like A Tatooine,” “Sipping Soup,” “Baby Face,” “The Force,” “Little Frog,” “Float Your Crib” and “Droid Protocol.”

I find that every shade chosen as well as the shade names match the theme of The Child very well. The Child for the most part can be summed up in two colors: green and brown.

By ColourPop expanding on those shades and adding a few others like the bright “Precious Cargo” and the natural “Just Like A Tattoine,” it makes the palette feel far from being monotonous. The varied shades still hold true to who The Child is.

I also love how each shade name is very synonymous with The Child.

He enjoys eating frogs, he uses The Force, and absolutely has an adorable baby face, hence the nickname Baby Yoda. These shades embody The Child and Star Wars as a whole.

And the shades chosen for this palette will appeal to those who prefer both natural and colorful makeup looks. The metallics will create an elegant and eye-popping effect against the softer shades.

Box Art and Design

The first thing that drew my attention was the adorable artwork of The Child smiling on the smooth-textured box. His pointed ears extend to the sides of the olive green square-shaped box surrounded by the warm glow of a sun in the background.

The Star Wars and Mandalorian logos are shown on the top left-hand corner in a darker shade of green with the metallic ColourPop logo, “Pressed Powder Palette” and the total net weight on the top right-hand corner in the same shade of green. Tiny white stars and small metallic circles detail the front and back of the box. All nine shades are named on the back of the box with the cute detail of a metallic frog next to the shade “Little Frog.”

The Star Wars website and Lucasfilm licensing text are also metallic. The palette’s ingredients for each shade are listed at the bottom of the box — it’s important to check the ingredients used in case of allergies.

The palette opens vertically, revealing a mirror with The Child at the bottom next to the words “Cutest In The Galaxy”. Beneath are all nine shades with the metallic frog at the bottom left-hand corner next to the “Little Frog” shade.

Tiny stars and metallic circles surround the pressed powder shades shaped in circles with the shade name on a curved right angle.

Final Thoughts

One of my favorite things about this palette is the size. It can fit in my hand without feeling clunky.

The smooth texture makes it comfortable to hold while my other hand can open and close it easily as well as use a makeup brush to apply the makeup.

The palette size will be perfect for putting in my purse without taking a lot of room and will be even easier to travel with once that is possible again.

I easily fell in love with The Child artwork. Every time I look at it, I notice another detail.

At first, it was the shading around the eyes, then it was the tiny gray and white hairs on the top of his head. The style is warm, inviting, and instantly it brought a smile to my face!

This palette is absolutely collection worthy. It would be an excellent addition to a collection of makeup palettes and Star Wars merchandise alike.

I look forward to seeing what future Star Wars designs ColourPop has in store. I would love to see ColourPop create more palettes surrounding The Mandalorian Disney+ series.

The metallic tones can work well with a Mandalorian-themed palette especially with characters such as The Armorer and items like the Beskar armor. There is also the potential of creating a palette based on the planets the Mandalorian travels to throughout the show.

For $16, this pressed-powder palette will be available on ColourPop’s website on Oct. 29 at 10 a.m. PST and at Ulta on Dec. 6.

You can view more of ColourPop’s products with a chance to win The Child palette here.

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