Who does John Leguizamo play in The Mandalorian?

An alien in The Mandalorian season two. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
An alien in The Mandalorian season two. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

John Leguizamo has appeared as a character in The Mandalorian, but who is he?

While watching the end of the premiere episode of The Mandalorian season 2, you may have noticed a familiar name right at the beginning of the credits: John Leguizamo. Strange, certainly, that out of all the actors who have been rumored to appear in The Mandalorian season 2, John Leguizamo was hardly the person to make it onto that shortlist. Yet here he was, popping up into the Disney+ series unexpected.

So, who does John Leguizamo play in The Mandalorian? Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen the episode. But if not, know that there are spoilers ahead.

In the very beginning of the episode, we see Leguizamo’s character nearly right away. Mando and The Child make their way down a creepy street at night, filled with graffiti-lined buildings and red-eyed monsters peering from the dark. Upon entering a shady looking building with a bouncer, Mando’s let into a spot where a boxing match happens between two Gamorrean fighters. That’s when we meet  John Leguizamo’s character, Gor Koresh.

Yes, Gor is the one-eyed alien who Mando meets ringside at the shady establishment. Mando’s there to get some information from Gor about where to find other Mandalorians. After seeing that Gor is just as shady as the building they’re in, Mando gets involved in a shootout and has no choice but the play “bad cop” with the gangster. Their exchange leads to Gor being tied upside down on a lamppost and helplessly left to fend for himself against the red-eye creatures — but not before he revealed the location of a possible Mandalorian.

On Twitter, John Leguizamo tweeted the news to confirm his role, writing:

"Unrecognizable in #Mandalorian but it is yours truly!"

Unfortunately, it looks like Leguizamo being a part of The Mandalorian is a one-time thing. We didn’t see his character die on screen, but we imagine he’s as good as dead after what happened. This episode, we did get a surprising return from Amy Sedaris, who played the Tatooine ship mechanic in season 1. And from the looks of it, we may see the return of Timothy Olyphant later, who played the smalltown marshal wearing Boba Fett’s armor. (And at the end, of course, we got the return of Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison, which could mean some pretty big things for the rest of the season.)

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Would you like to see John Leguizamo return in The Mandalorian, or do you think Gor is no more? Let us know in the comments!